[I want a node] Repeated-node. I don't know the node name very well

repeated-output (I don’t know the name of this node yet very well)

I would like a node that would repeat the IN signal on an OUT pin. But everytime there’s a new signal on an IN pin it would output the signal on an diferent OUT pin. It’s very hard for me to explain, so please just watch the animation below. The node would be very useful for LCD menus or others things. If someone would develop this node I would be very grateful!

Example (Animation)



  • IN `


  • OUT1
  • OUT2
  • OUT3
  • OUT4
  • OUT and so on, on, on
    Extra info: It would be expandeble like the Join node.

Hi, in this library there are nodes, which can be useful. For example 4051-demultiplexer.


Maybe do you know what node of that library would fit me best?

use SEL to choose the output

also this cesars/4017, it’s just a decade counter , but maybe I’ll add something so it can be used generically

Update the library, this had an error that did not erase the outputs, now it works correctly


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