Nth-input node not work

Не правильно работает нода nth-input. Объясните пожалуйста как работает эта нода. Цель сделать мультистраничный показ на lcd дисплее.

It is hard to help when someone just says “it does not work”. What is it doing that it shouldn’t (or not doing that it should)?

The nth-input-IDX pin takes a number. The X# pins take inputs to select & must all be the same for a single node. In your case, they should be strings since you want to display them on LCD. If you are displaying numbers, you may need to convert them to string before sending to nth-intput node (possibly using the format-number node).

If IDX is 0, then X0 is passed to output pin (the right output pin…the left output pin labeled “-” should be ignored…it is for internal use only). If IDX is 1, X1 is passed to the output pin, etc. Using the grip on the right side of the nth-input node allows you to resize it to have the desired number of X# pins. Using IDX numbers smaller than 0 will return X0. Using IDX numbers larger than the largest X# will return the highest Xn value (i.e. the right-most input pin).