Look-up tables?

I am very new to Xod (and micro programming in general) but are there any nodes for look-up tables? In the engine management stuff I am used to, 2D and 3D look-up tables are used a lot.

nth-input node is probably the closest to a lookup. You could have multiple dimensions by having one set of nth-input nodes feeding the next nth-input.

I am sorry but as a beginner that makes no sense to me! If you have time, maybe an example?

Start XOD. Double click on the workspace to bring up the node search window. Type nth and select nth-input. If you don’t see quick help on the right side of the screen, type h. If nth-input node is selected, you will see instructions for use.

Basically, if IDX pin is 0, output pin will be same as X0 input pin; if IDX is 1, output will be same as X1; etc. Node can be expanded to handle more inputs. Output pin labeled - should be ignored and not used.

Here is an example that uses clock to pulse every 5 seconds, count to keep track of pulses & feed nth-input. nth-input is used to convert numbers to equivalent strings. Since we only specified 3 values for nth-input, we reset counter when that over-flows.

Multi-dimensional example: the 1st level determines whether to display string as number or word (0=number, 1=word). Note that number has to be text so that all inputs are the same data-type.

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Thank you - I will take a while to digest that!