[I want a node] Serial text terminal for display


Serial text terminal able to display all kinds of inputs.


Inputs can be defined as windows.
f.e. simple integer input could be defined as
being placed at 0x0, displaying in decimal.
this will be DecIN0x0 for example.

point is that this allows quickly defining front end for a device
(f.e. to display temp, humidity, date etc) which would simply
use standard text terminal as output.


serial terminals usually have just keyboard as input,
but for advanced use one could utilize input layout system to
provide input boxes and other devices…

main point is to being able to quickly implement serial text terminal interface.
Serial text terminals are easy to get - old computer can emulate vt100 with colors , old smartphone can do it even over bluetooth.
there are nice projects like tvterm turning old tv’s into serial terminals.

XOD could have serial terminal node just like LCD display - create a ‘box’ or ‘window’ in the terminal node (or just pick ready template), and output text or values directly to the screen.
Many other options possible - bargraphs, clock - like displays…
one can do really much with just textmode.
For most of cases one will be more than happy to just being able
to output a text or value in predefined place in the screen

serial terminal also gives many options for inputs - just use individual
keys or state-machine like interface to navigate through input boxes with arrows or tab key. there are function keys for use too!


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