Data latch type nodes


I’ve created some Data-Latch nodes to store data for a state.
Logical, binary or numerical type. (variadic)


I made this library because I thought there was no node in XOD.
But if there is, it is gate(), only that the name is confusing for me, sorry


Hmm, gate? Isn’t it a select? Perhaps it should mention the “latch” word in the description so that it appears in the quick search.


the only good thing is that it reduces the consumption of resources a little :grinning:


Cool.Could you maybe write a bit how you use it?
How to store/load values.


when you send a pulse to LT, the output with that value is activated, the same goes for gate () and select.
The combined can also set the values to 0, false and 00h


Fair enough. XOD optimizer shall work harder :face_with_monocle: