Regarding Flip-Flop

I am new to XOD and i am facing a problem, when i use flip-flop an error occurs and does not allow my code to deploy to my pro mini. please help

“Dead reference error Patch “xod/core/cast-to-pulse(boolean)” is not found in the project.”


Pulse and Boolean are different types.
You cannot link them directly.

You should send pulses to SET and RST pins instead of boolean values.
If you want to use flip-flop mb this patch would help?

Although they are different types, an implicit cast exists. For some reason, the system can’t find a node for the implicit cast.

I bet you have a stale copy of the standard library. Please, check directory %HOME%/xod/__lib__/xod. If it is there, delete or move it out of __lib__

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I am having an issue using the flip flop node. I use two button nodes as inputs, “set and reset”. the flip flop node and the LED node. Found that I need to hold button inputs hi and switch to low, I use a 1K for pull up resistors. Used different pins, arduino UNO and two different arduino megas with no success. I also found that I cannot just turn on a Led deploying the single led node set to “1” from XOD. seemed to happen after the last update? Everything works as normal when using the old painful arduino ide. Suggestions?