Cant figure out how to do the led button with flip-flop node

Im trying to do the tutorial on the XOD program and I wired up the button and the led and the led will light when the button is pressed and will go off when the button is not presses. On the corner in the tutorial it says as an additional exercise try adding a flip-flop node between the button and the led to turn the led on and off with each press. But you know the tutorial doesn’t explain how to wire the node up. everything i do doesnt work. The led just stays on when the button is pressed only and will go off when the button is not pressed. really disappointed on how the tutorial doesn’t give a proper explanation on how to make this node work in this configuration. Can somebody please help me.

connect resistor pull-up to button (10k)

I think I was using a 220 ohm resistor and now I have the 10k resistor in and its still doing the same thing. On the button node I got the PRS output going to the TGL input on the flip-flop node and I have the MEM output from the flip-flop node going to the LUM input on the led node and it doesn’t stay lit after the button push. I have to keep the button hold down for the led to stay lit.

can you upload a patch capture?

use port D2 or higher
D0 and D1, are used for RX-TX, if debugging it will cancel the D0 of the button

I changed it to d2 and the same thing is happening

add a Watch in MEM, to see the states.
…add a delay between PRS and TGL, such vel has some rebound button
it’s something very simple that shouldn’t have problems

I added a watch to the MEM and pressed the button and the led came on but the MEM state never changes. I tried rewiring the set up to the picture you posted and I couldnt get the LED to light with the button any longer. I dont know. I think im going to take a break from it for the night. Thanks for the help.

led in D13 …button in D2

Awesome. It’s working now. thanks.