Serial Plotter Problem


Is anyone successfully using bradzilla84/serial-plotter?
I get the following error when I try to compile the example from the library:
… fatal error: ‘Plotter.h’ file not found
#include “Plotter.h”

I’ve copy/pasted the ‘Plotter’ library folder that include plotter.h from my Arduino IDE folder to the ‘ardulib’ folder in XOD but to no avail.

Do I need to install the plotter library on XOD somehow?

Any helps gratefully received.

your username on pc contains space? could that be

copy paste the full build log, that might be of use to help you

Thanks for your fast reply @cesars.

I was running with a Microsoft (cloud-based) account on Windows 10. The name does have a space in it. So, I created a new local account on the same machine with no space in the username.

I still get the same issue. The log is pasted below.

Many thanks for your help.

Generating C++ code for simulation…
/ws/sketchbook/56ec687020c4e8fd653ac64b12ce5d1ad10c8f6b06ea38627292c0791c4b186e/sketch/sketch.ino:978:10: fatal error: ‘Plotter.h’ file not found
#include “Plotter.h”
1 error generated.
shared:ERROR: ‘/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/bin/clang++ -target wasm32-unknown-emscripten -D__EMSCRIPTEN_major__=1 -D__EMSCRIPTEN_minor__=39 -D__EMSCRIPTEN_tiny__=1 -D_LIBCPP_ABI_VERSION=2 -Dunix -D__unix -D__unix__ -Werror=implicit-function-declaration -Xclang -nostdsysteminc -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/include/libcxx -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/lib/libcxxabi/include -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/include/compat -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/include -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/include/libc -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/lib/libc/musl/arch/emscripten -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/local/include -DLLVM_ROOT=/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/bin -DARDUINO_WASM_SIMULATION -DARDUINO_ARCH_WASM -O2 -std=c++11 -nostdlib -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti -c -I/tmp/arduino-sketch-73B3EA6D9608E616CF3A74908ED94E35/sketch -I/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/hardware/wasm/0.3.2/cores/simulation -I/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/hardware/wasm/0.3.2/variants/simulation -DEMSCRIPTEN /tmp/arduino-sketch-73B3EA6D9608E616CF3A74908ED94E35/sketch/sketch.ino.cpp -Xclang -isystem/ws/arduino_data/packages/xod/tools/emscripten/1.39.2/emscripten/system/include/SDL -c -o /dev/null -mllvm -combiner-global-alias-analysis=false -mllvm -enable-emscripten-sjlj -mllvm -disable-lsr’ failed (1)

The generated C++ code contains errors. It can be due to a bad node implementation
or if your board is not compatible with XOD runtime code. The original compiler error
message is above. Fix C++ errors to continue. If you believe it is a bug, report the
problem to XOD developers.
Follow log (0 new lines skipped)

Do not use simulation, in order to work correctly use “debug & upload” with a board.

Simulation does not work for external libraries.

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Makes sense. I’ll give that a go.
Many thanks.

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