A Bug when installing the AVR tools!

Hello guys,
When trying to uploading to Arduino for the first time it asks for installing AVR tools needed for uploading to Arduino , and it says it’s a bug. I need some help.
I’m running the desktop v0.30.0 on windows.


Hi, try to update to the newest version and check if this error persists.

I’m running the latest version as I mentioned before.

Last version is 0.31.0

@cesars, @ryanothere the last one is 0.33 =)

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Sorry :man_facepalming:

I run 0.34 and have similar bug

Cannot install tool: arduino:arm-none-eabi-gcc@7-2017q4
Process exited with code 1
The error has no formatter, which is a bug. Report the issue to XOD developers.