Unable to upload to arduino

hi , please i am trying to upload the patch to arduino but the program ask me to install
Arduino AVR Boards and when i start installing i got this error msg
C:\Users\mohammed.ammar\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-cli.exe --config-file=C:\Users\MOHAMM~1.AMM\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino-clie1LSQi\.cli-config.yml core install arduino:avr failed with code 1
The error has no formatter, which is a bug. Report the issue to XOD developers.)

can any one help please ?


Are there any extra details before the message in the log? Please copy/paste the log as is here.

What looks suspicious is that MOHAMM~1.AMM in the path. What file system do you use? FAT 32? I’m not sure it affects the process, but could you try to retry on behalf of a Windows user whose name is shorter than 8 characters? In other words, could you create a user “Mohammed”, for example, login and check XOD out there?