Select Variadic Out Pulse

For multi function projects that are menu driven could use a node with variadic output of the select, can make one with nth-input style, or one with select style, I’ve got a non-variadic version here, where VAL matches whatever IN (which could just be an integer), then the corresponding pulse pulses out.

Would there be a way to make this variadic?

Another way to think about it. We would want the NONE to be to the left of the variadic output.

Can use the “select-out-pulse” method by including 2 defers inside of the node, then it seams to be able to have asynchronous communication with the I2C devices, as evidenced by the increasing count on “None” in the test patch

Fix for Apparently allowing the I2C Devices to communicate, but there is a priority issue, since all the Trigger fire simultaneously, with a daisy chain, then the most frequently called pulse could be last, and the least frequent up front?

Select-Out-Pulse: with defers in and out? Not sure why this works…

Demo on I2C Devices matching count, and excess calls going to NONE

But, surprisingly, we can get perfect 1:1 correlation, with all counts being accounted for, without calling the DEFER on the output by also daisy chaining F to the next Trigger, also get a Priority call
Defer at front, and daisy chain F to Trig:

No count for NONE

I put this out here, so smart folks can think of ways to make cool new nodes! And also, maybe help some people.

DANG!! This multiple parallel I2C control method is even faster than using continuous cycle through each device! I don’t know what’s going on here, but this seams to be very awesome performance.