Bug with Variadic Join/Concat Repeated Value in Output

I’m trying to build a data processor to log data. The thing is going to need to build the line to write.
Also, I want to build a tool that can populate an array, for example.
In testing, I found a bug with variadic to variadic.

When I cycle through the values to populate the output “array” string, then the values are trapped in the “Watch” nodes correctly with either Gate method or the Buffer method, but concatenates and joins only using the most recent value gotten from the variadic nth-Input; and also write to file that way… So, the values are not being transported correctly from the nth-Input to the Concat, for some reason… looks like a bug.

Wrong Join and Concat, but Correct Watch nodes on the Gate or Buffer:


However, if you don’t use the nth_input, and go direct, then the variadic concat and join work, fine

Am I doing something wrong?

Bug-In-Variadic-to-Variadic.xodball (46.4 KB)

I’ve reproduced this error discreetly, without a variadic input…

Main is hooked up to the joiner node, and pushes the (VAL, POS) pair to the variadic JOIN array

Inside node to JOIN – individual watch nodes on the AND are correct, but the JOIN is repeating the value

Flip-Flop Gate with AND to control PUSH from outside and match position. Watch nodes are correct… But variadic JOIN is having a problem.

Get the same repeating error, even when the buffers are initialized on boot with a space " "

There doesn’t seem to be a way to Index into a JOIN or CONCAT… :thinking:

The bug may be in Variadic “ANY” and not in “JOIN”… That may make more sense. The gate is falsely being triggered open… But, somehow, the Watch Nodes are retaining the correct value. I’m may try to make a C++ “AND” node, and replace the variadic version… Or, maybe just abandon this strategy, and just populate the JOIN directly in my main node… I’ll just use BUSES to move the data into the JOIN, and continually update that… maybe I should have just done that in the first place.

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