Compliment for 'any' node

Should there be a compliment to the ‘any’ node in the standard library that requires all inputs to pulse instead of any input to pulse? I noticed the new h-drive-dc-motor uses an any node to pulse the done pin, but in reality, it should be waiting for all inputs to pulse before indicating it has completed. In this case, it should be rare that one branch finishes and the others don’t finish “immediately” after, but the risk could be higher in other situations.

I’ve created a sample as gweimer/utils/all (along with utils-example-all). Due to limitations of variadics, the output pin for ‘all’ is boolean instead of pulse. It might be possible to have the node always auto-reset, but keeping the reset external makes it more flexible.

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I see you are asking about another node but doesn’t the (and fits the job in the cases you are mentioning?

Yup. Those nodes appear to do exactly what I was trying to do. Looks like there is more intelligence built into variadic than I realized if you don’t need to pass values like I was trying to do…