XOD 0.19.0 released: variadic nodes


Sweet. </understatement>

Question about shared inputs…for the discretize node, you pass X to an output “utility” pin. If you did NOT do this, wouldn’t it become a shared pin & work anyway? Wondering if this was just missed during updates or if I’m missing something…

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Ouch, I bet you’re right. The “_” pin is redundant. It’s late night and hard to think :sleeping: We need to double-check everything but at the first sight, I think we can safely delete the kludge.

Minor issue: on the page https://xod.io/docs/guide/creating-variadics/, A4 is also an accumulator pin.

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Thank you. The fix is on the way.

BTW, don’t hesitate to press the pink “Edit this page” button placed at the top of every article. I’m sure we have plenty of typos, grammar mistakes, and inaccurate wording because English is not our native language.

The fix about “utility” pin is also on the way.
Thank you!

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