Problems during Deploy / Upload to Arduino

I have been using XOD for a long time. Always used in windows 10 on a laptop. now I have installed a new laptop, windows 10 and XOD IDE.

to test, I have connected an Arduino Uno.
welcome-to-XOD / 02-deploy selected and then deploy / upload to Arduino … started.

first I received an error message, Fetch Error: request to 2 failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate”, during deploy/upload to Arduino.

To solve that I downloaded and installed the tools manually as recommended in your answer.
According to the indicated solution:

After this action I get a new error message. I have checked a few things but do not see the problem.
I now get the notifications:
· Transpiling…
· Project was successfully transpiled. Searching for device…
· Port with connected Arduino was found. Installing toolchains…
· Toolchain is installed. Uploading…
Upload failed. ChildProcessError: Command failed: “C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\arduino-builder.exe” -hardware=“C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\hardware” -hardware=“C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages” -libraries=“C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-libraries” -tools=“C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\tools” -tools=“C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages” -fqbn=“arduino:avr:uno” -build-path=“C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\build” “C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\xod-arduino-sketch.cpp”
exec: “/bin/avr-g++”: file does not exist
"C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\arduino-builder.exe" -hardware="C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\hardware" -hardware="C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages" -libraries="C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-libraries" -tools="C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Local\Programs\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\tools" -tools="C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages" -fqbn="arduino:avr:uno" -build-path="C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\build" "C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\xod-arduino-sketch.cpp" (exited with error code 1)

I hope the somebody know what the real problem is.
On my two old systems I never had problems like this.

It tries to invoke /bin/avr-g++ which is not a Windows path. Are you sure you’ve installed the toolchains from win32 archive ( and not from darwin/macOS?

Side note, I filed an issue regarding the certificate error. Will try to fix it soon.

Anyway, you can try to use cloud compiler for a while.

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Yes I’m sure.

I have solved the symptom but not the problem.
I have copiëd the tools directory from my old laptop.
Now it’s working.
I compared the files and what I found are missing files.
If it can help you that I send you the both directories then give me an email address. This becouse I cant upload a zipfile.
I can send,
The file AVR.OldPC is the wan from my old system and is working fine.
The file is from my new system after I installed the tools manuely. This one is not wordking.

That would be helpful. Unfortunately, the files are too big for e-mail as well. Could you post the diff in plain text instead? should make it easy.


The missing files are listed in the overview below
from the directory: C:\Users\Broers\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron


“/bin/avr-g++”: file does not exist
i am brand new to this and trying to figure it all out… i am not having a lot of luck.
upload fails. i read message above but… ah… what?