Possible to use XOD w/ SCT-013-000 Current Sensor?

Hey my fellow DIY’ers,

I’ve been curious about using graphical / visual programming for the arduino for a while now.

I have a fairly simple project I would like to make but when it comes to writing a sketch for the Arduino I’m completely lost. I have Dibble and Dappled with Arduino sketches in the past but mainly just modifying existing code and barely getting into work…

This project would entail using a AC current sensor (SCT-013-000) and a voltage divider in order to read DC voltage and multiply the two together and output the value onto a LCD screen.

Is this something that can be done using XOD? I would assume this would be fairly easy as long as there is a “Module / Node” for the SCT-013-000 Current Sensor within XOD.

Thanks guys. Also if this is possible, any advice or pointers you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like you can create a XOD wrapper (Wrapping Class-based Arduino Libraries — XOD) for GitHub - openenergymonitor/EmonLib: Electricity monitoring library - install in Arduino IDE's libraries folder then restart the IDE and just create a single node that calls emon1.current(, 111.1) * 230.0 (those two constants might need changed for different voltages, etc.)

An example of probably many pages with information on how to setup this sensor: SCT-013-000 Split Core Current Transformer, 100A, 50A, 30A. There may be other libraries or sample code that could be used directly in XOD rather than needing to import a library.

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