Come posso fare

coe posso fare un amperometro con acs712 e display oled ssd1309
vi rinrazio

how can i make ammeter with acs712 and ssd1309 oled display
thank you

There are nodes for different versions of the acs712 in this library:

Unfortunately there is currently no XOD support for the ssd1309. Here is a list of displays that have XOD libraries:

SSD1306 with I2C interface

SH1107 with I2C interface

SH1106G with I2C interface

ST7735 with SPI interface

Liquid crystal displays with I²C or parallel interfaces

gen4-ulcd-D/DT display modules by 4D Systems

Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 display driver (HDMI output)


WioTerminal LCD

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