Node for using esp 8266 in blynk iot

I am working on a remote farming monitor using esp 8266. I want to get continuous data from esp 8266 through iot. Is there any node through which I can use esp 8266 in blynk iot. I am new for programming. I have used blynk bluetooth, I worked awesome. Now I want help with blynk iot.
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Thanks for reply, but there node uses " topics " in sbscribe node. But blunk iot uses virtual pin in subscribing the data. Is there any chance of using blynk iot??

Hi…NodemMCU and Wemos D1 smaller than expected are nearly identical. the esp8266 features a RF setting on streak. in case the streak is deleted or overwritten the setting is misplaced. the esp8266 can run without it but it is conceivable that the esteem is off and a calibration doesn’t offer assistance. the esp8266 arduino sheets packega doesn’t type in the RF settings. The AT firmware reference has the informational how to init this settings. Best is to utilize the Espressif Streak Download Instrument (Windows as it were) and streak records esp_init_data_default.bin and blank.bin to areas particular for distinctive streak sizes. The FDT apparatus alter settings in esp_init_data_default.bin agreeing to chip parameters. The doesn’t alter the esp_init_data_default.bin.

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