NANO and PROMINI Upload Issues

Hi Victor,

Just wanted to start this clean upload topic for the two boards I have been testing with and report the latest findings.

Connected via straight A-to-mini USB cable. DEVMgr shows USB Serial CH340 COM5 Driver Provider

When Arduino IDE uploads, it drops the REF pin voltage to 0, before it starts uploading. Throughout the upload REF is 0 volts, then it switches back to 4.79v in my case. And when the uploaded program runs, the REF is always 4.79v.

When I upload the empty (NEW) sketch in Arduino IDE, it always leaves the REF voltage at 0 volts ???

When XOD uploads, REF is not always dropped to 0 volts. And when it is not and uploads fail, I can go to Arduino IDE, run the empty sketch and force the REF to 0 volts. Then going back to XOD and uploading works, and interestingly all subsequent uploads work as well. You guys need to figure that one out !

As far as running the uploaded programs go, The example pot value fed to Analog port and connected to PWM port initially did not work correctly, because I had two issues: one was port numbering, which got clarified. Second was feeding the PWM into a non-PWM port. Once I corrected that connectivity all is well.

Connected via FTDI board which is connected via the A-to-min USB cable. DEVMgr show USB Serial Port COM6 Driver provider FTDI.

When Arduino IDE uploads, it drops the DTR voltage on the FTDI card to 0, before it starts uploading. It seems to know that for that board the interface needs to be toggling the DTR. Throughout the upload DTR is 0 volts, then it switches back to 4.79v in my case. And when the uploaded program runs, the DTR is always 4.79v.

XOD does not drop the DTR during upload. Hence no real upload happens, even though the messages indicate successful uploads.

And no uploads no program testing.

Originally I had reported some kind of interaction between XOD and IDE running at the same time etc. After these last set of tests, I think there is no interaction. Instead the issues are with the toggling of the correct pins during XOD uploads.

Also, I had a working UNO that I was testing with. However, the analog ports crapped out. So I no longer can test anything with UNO that involves analog ports.

Thanks for the detailed report!

Quite strange that upload via Arduino IDE differs in behavior from XOD upload since we simply delegate that task to it. Your experiments narrow the area where the problems could arise. Will try to replicate the bug and fix it.

When I try to upload to my nano, it doesn’t seem like Arduino ide starts up right. I get the splash screen, but nothing else.

Perhaps it’s not being “called” right?

That’s OK. Arduino IDE is invoked in so-called headless mode and the editor shouldn’t appear. Actually, on Linux, I even don’t see the splash screen.

The problem that we don’t always correctly interpret its output and that is the reason for several kinds of bugs.

The issue is no longer relevant with the release of v0.12.0

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