My node - GY-302 BH1750 Light Sensor I2C

My node - GY-302 BH1750 Light Sensor I2C
It is necessary to start reading the readout no more than 0.15 seconds, otherwise the sensor stops showing data.
How to insert this delay into the node itself? Or just leave as is?

An example of the sensor. My room.



Hi, try this


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Thank you. Node works. )

How do I get this sensor to work? I placed the bh1750 node down into the xod ide and added a watch node to the Llx. I left the everything else the same on it and did an upload and debug to my Arduino nano and im getting a reading of 0.00 and it doesn’t change. I hooked the vcc on the sensor to 3.3v. Ground to ground. SDA to A4 and SCL to A5. I did not attach the address pin from the sensor to the board. Don’t really know what that pin is for. Did I need to do something with the address pin on the sensor?

the sensor has a 5v to 3v regulator, it may not work for that, if you use 3v you should connect past the regulator

I switched the sensor to 5 volts on the board and it didn’t fix the problem. Does the node work for you?

I don’t have that model, but I think there is a problem reading in i2c in version 0.30.1

I just redid it for the new version of the program. My node is working.


I have used the bh1750 program with arduino mega2560 and lcd i2c.
But the display system is lcd 0.00

BH1750 SCL —> 20 arduino mega2560
DSA —> 21
Help me.