Node for SR602 or should it be treated as a generic device?

Is there a specific node for SR602 PIR detector in XOD IDE or should I go ahead and treat the incoming digital signal just like any other HIGH/LOW input?
I have read that this particular sensor required some auxiliary circuit to prevent false positives which it is known for.

If it has a tendency to give quick blips as false-positives, you can look at the debounce node to filter the output for you.

I have two sensors at hand.
MH-SR501 and MH-SR602.
I could not get any reading out of them into Arduino Nano V3 with XOD.
I have tried digital-read and binary-sensor nodes.
I keep reading False on the Debugger screen’s Watch node?

I have managed to get the MH-SR501 working by the use of an external PS as it looks like nano’s juice was not enough for the modules.
MH-SR602 is behaving strange still. It seems that it has a fixed timer value of 3.5 seconds. How can I control this value? I have read online that timer value was configurable via the Arduino MC.
But how?

A simple delay node did it for the MH-SR602 :+1:

There seem to be many mounting options for these parts. Some include POTs for variable resistors, others require replacing surface mount resistors to change timer and other values. I didn’t notice any that allowed remote setting of timer. The output of SR602 piece that I found is 3.3v. That could be a problem detecting high value depending on Arduino model you are using.