Library needed for Motion Sensor HC-SR50x

I’m at the beginning of the journey and I can’t figure out which mode to use to connect an HC-SR505 or HC-SR501.
From what I’ve seen, I can’t find any library for a motion sensor.
Can someone help me with a library for this sensor.


Thank you

Take a look at:

Thank you for the prompt reply and for the information.
It helps me a lot.

According to the specs you posted for the HC-SR505, it just requires a digital read. If output is high, motion has been detected; otherwise there is no motion. No library is required, just the built-in digital-read node.

Absolutely! The page I linked to describes how to use the sensor with XOD and provides a couple of example patches.

Ah. Sorry. I didn’t look into it & assumed you were recommending a different model of the sensor. It is not obvious that biomaker site would be a XOD reference, but the group has been using XOD & participating here in the past.

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