Looking for new ideas for XOD-for-Science

We’ve just built an expanded kit of parts for XOD-based development of custom instrumentation, pictured below. Most of these components have some kind of useful application in biology - monitoring laboratory experiments or making field observations. Each one has some accompanying documentation and instructions for use - which can be seen at: Stage 2 — Biomaker.org (click on a component image to load the relevant information).

The documentation might be useful across the XOD community, so we’d like to share - and be grateful for any comments/suggestions for improvement. (And thanks to the XOD community for all the contributions that we have benefited from!)

There are a number of other interesting parts that suggest themselves: CO2 sensors, different light sensors, including spectrophotometric devices, laser light sources for imaging, potentiometers for bioelectronics - along with some need to compare related devices, like light and temperature sensors, etc.

We’re looking to further expand the collection of documented parts, and links to external libraries - and we’d be grateful for any suggestions.

Do you have libraries for rs485 and “EasyTransfer” libraries?

Yes, RS485 communications are very important - my colleague Antonio Ruiz has been working with a number of RS485 sensors. He mentioned that he’d built a XOD library to work with TTL-RS485 converters - and has just posted it in the libraries section (antoniorruiz/rs485 — XOD). Worth giving a try, and I’m sure that Antonio would be interested in any feedback.

I’ve mainly worked with the standard software and hardware serial libraries in XOD - which have worked really well - mainly for duplax communication with 4D Systems LCD screens. What would you be using the Easy Transfer library for?


Thank you.
Easy transfer library used for simple communication with 2 arduino on rs485 or etc.: EasyTransfer Arduino Library « The Mind of Bill Porter

A NIR spectrometer would be a good addition, even for basic identifications. something similar to the “SCIO” unit

What kinds of spectral range and samples werer you interested in? Are the AS7263 and AS7261 devices from AMS (AS7263 spectral sensing engine | ams) of interest? They include 6 near-IR channels: 610nm, 680nm, 730nm, 760nm, 810nm and 860nm, each with 20nm FWHM - and are relatively cheap - Sparkfun have a breakout board for US$25 (SparkFun Spectral Sensor Breakout - AS7263 NIR (Qwiic) - SEN-14351 - SparkFun Electronics). I’m not sure if anyone has converted the Arduino library to XOD yet though.

Also, there is XOD support for NIR spectrometer CO2 sensors (wayland/scd30-co2-rh-temp) - but a dedicated device…

I don’t have specific needs of one, just would be a cool project build, Thanks for the Info Ill look into those components.

Wow, it’s really great to share! If I have new ideas in this regard, I will inform you at the first time!

XODders might also be interested in the Fritzing part that we’ve had made for the Seeed Grove Beginners Kit - which makes documenting hardware wiring much clearer. (Great for project descriptions). Lots of Fritzing parts for other hardware elements available on their web site.