My first patch led-RGB with common Anode-Cathode

This is the led-RGB with common Anode-Cathode type.
If common Anode (pin to V5) color byte value write with toggle (1.0-value),
else common catode (pin to GND) color byte value write as input.
It use “and(pulse)” patch like “any” but its “AND” not “OR” .

How I can upload my work?

Hi Koadrobot

Well done on the patch
Take a look at this for sharing

Hello, I think you want to upload the xodball, is that so?
The forum has some restrictions according to time and participation, I see that your registration is two days ago. Later it will be enabled the file upload option will be spoken.
Now if you want to share a library, you should do what you suggested @ bradzilla84 previously