Bradzilla84/neopixel@0.0.2 all on at once

Hi, cant see how to make all the LED’s in a strip light up at the same time. Also can you change the brightness dynamically or is it a start up thing?

For brightness , change in value and send a pulse back to INIT.

Open this patch on another xod instance and copy the content to a new patch in your project.

Then you can link it to the project.

setpixelcolor-all.xodball (2.9 KB)


An easy way to combine two projects.

  • Open project 1 and save “my-project” as a multifile (the name must not end as an .xodball extension)

  • Open project 2 and save as “my-node” inside the previously created folder as a multifile “my-project” (names must not have spaces or underscores or capital letters)

  • Now open “my-project” folder, open the project.xod file

  • Now you can save the project as my_project, choosing type .xodball

  • A warning appears:

Project name now differs from filename
The project name is left to be `name`. It might be a good idea to update it to match 
the new filename `name-2` if you indeed continue to evolve it as a new project.
Hit Edit → Project Preferences to update the settings.
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Thank you for the tip. Prior to seeing this reply I switched to the core nodes for the RGB LED which have H S L node to input which actually meet my needs at present. I appreciate the suggestion of the pixel-all-neopixel

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