Does XOD support Neopixel Led ring?

I am currently working on a projekt which includes Led ring…
So i was just wondering about it… Cant seem to find anything in the XOD/common hardware section…

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No support in the standard library yet. AFAIK the Neopixels are daisy-chained WS2812 LEDs. You can control their color by sending color bytes with SPI interface or shiftOut Arduino function on Neopixel signal pin. Should be relatively easy to create a simple C++ node for it. Anyone? :nerd_face:

Any functions in XOD that would do the trick?
I am not that experienced with XOD or C++ :frowning:

If you are not proficient in C++ I see no easy way to enable WS2812 now, unfortunately. This piece of hardware is quite popular though. If nobody succeeds with it in the nearest future, I think we’ll find time to make a library for Neopixels

Sounds Great (y)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: