NeoPixel RGB LED strips

I’m working on a project that uses NeoPixel RGB LED strips. Is there a way to simulate this in XOD?

Just to be clear. Do you want blocks to drive NeoPixel strips ?(

I’m new to this. So, I’m not sure what I need. I’m building a light bar for my car. This is for a media production. The lights in it are going to be 3 strips of NeoPixel LED’s about 1m long. I know how to construct the light bar and how to mount the lights, but I have no clue on how to write the code to get them to flash in the patterns I need. I’m trying to build a virtual light set up with XOD to try and figure out the code for Arduino. I’ve found LED’s, but no RGB LED’s and no LED strips here. I just started using XOD so I’m not even sure how it works yet. I just know I’ve got 8 weeks to finish the light bar for production.

Load up XOD add the NeoPixel Library above and check out the example :smile:
Should get you started.