How to get the OSX download working?

I want to get the IDE running on my machine. But I don’t know how to get it running. My Mac wants to open it with textEdit, since it has no file extension. I tried to add the file extension “.app”, but that does not work :frowning:

Hi there and welcome!

It’s very strange behaviour.
It should be downloaded as .dmg file. Try to add this extension and run it (by DiskImageMounter).
If it doesn’t help, try to download the XOD again. Maybe the file was corrupted on download somehow.

If nothing helps,
Can you provide some information:

  • OS version
  • Browser name and version

I was experiencing the same issue across several downloads. Adding .dmg as an extension worked instantly. Thank you.

I had the same issue and like you added the .dmg but needed to wait a few seconds before launching.

I’m trying to find out if this environment would be better for my students, but starting like this IS NOT a good sign if they can’t get the software installed.

I’m running MacOS sierra 10.12.6. firefox was the browser whether clicking or saving resulted in the same textedit file.

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Thanks for the detailed report.
We’ve found the bug and fixed it for latest version (and all future versions), now you can download it easily. :raised_hands:

Another annoying oddity I’ve noted.
When looking at the 'scheme ’ which takes you to a web page with animated graphics ( a good idea) I see 3 tabs above where the list scrolls down I see the tabs [All] [Libraries] [My patches]
Neither of these tabs seem to be on the XOD IDE program when launched, what appears are 3 ICONs and below that Project Browser then 4 more ICONs .

I’ve yet to work out what these actually do once clicked on as far as the XOD IE program goes they seem to toggle .

I’m running the Mac version.

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