Cannot properly install

I downloaded the desktop IDE and ran the install. It all looked OK at first sight.
However: I have to click the icon several times before the program starts end sometimes it doesn’t start at all.

When I can start and run the tutorial I have “A JavaScript Error at the main process”. (see screenshot)
Cannot figure out what it is I do wrong…?

After that: I cannot upload because an upload is ongoing – the one with the error presumably. I do not see where or how to stop that.

I have Windows 10/64 bit.JavaScript%20Error%20al%20Upload

Hi, uninstall and run install in administrator mode

Ran the install program “Start as admin”.
Still the same result. Both havng to click several times + the JavaScript error.
I did not restart my PC. Should I?

I also notice that eveytime I “start” the XOD IDE (or try to) 2 background porcesses are started. However: I see no IDE.

uninstall with iobit-uninstaller, then use TrashReg to clean, install and test. Update java maybe help

Used iobit-Uninstaller
Cleaned REG with TrashReg
Have all latests Java versions
Still same results and observations.

I give up. Looked a very handy and useful tool but it’s just too much hassle.
Thanks for the help and your patience.

Create a new user in windows and try maybe your installation, I use w 10 64bit without problems

It’s sad to hear XOD hasn’t taken off on your machine. The error is a JavaScript stack trace (do not confuse JavaScript and Java) and it looks like some our bug. I can’t understand why ever do you see the dialog popped up, maybe it’s a part of the puzzle.

Will try to guess what’s gone wrong. Thank you for the report.

@jover just released v0.28.2 with the fix of this problem.
Download the latest version of IDE (or just update it) and check it out :slight_smile:

If you have any problems, feel free to report.

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@brusher_ru: it looks like this did it!
I nstalled the new version and compile-and-upload works. No Javascript error any longer.


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