Prerelease of 0.26.1

Hey everyone!

Right before taking a small break for New Year holidays, we prepared XOD 0.26.1, which fixes a few bugs that you guys recently reported.
It will be released around January 10, but for those who can’t wait to try it out, we built a pre-release version.

Here are the download links: Windows, macOS, .rpm, .deb

And here is the list of changes:

  • [ide] Fix a bug that caused “Save As” command to be invoked instead of “Save” after opening a project file (thanks to @koadrobot and @cesars for reporting)
  • [ide] Make message about available updates harder to miss
  • [ide] Fix an error caused by presence of “stale” patch.cpp implementations in patch folder (thanks to @cesars for reporting)
  • [ide] Do not save autogenerated patches (like terminals for custom types) to file system

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UPD: 0.26.1 was officially released.