Save function works like save as

Whenever try to save, opened save as menu. On 0.26.0 version

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what is your systems? in w10 it works correctly, only the first time a project is saved is to save as


Hello, @koadrobot!

Could you provide some more information to help reproduce the bug:

  • OS
  • Full path to your workspace directory (Menu: File -> Switch Workspace. You’ll see the route)

Try to switch workspace to another new directory somewhere in Home directory (like “Documents” on Windows/MacOs) and reproduce the bug.

Hi @brusher_ru , I can confirm the error

1-save project as

2-Close xod

3-Open project with double click, the project has no name.

When saved, save as


Nice catch, thanks!
Created an issue:
Will fix soon.


You can grab a pre-release version here or wait for a “full” release of 0.26.1 until January 10.

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