XOD 0.16.1 released

Hello, xoders!

We’ve released a new version of XOD IDE: v0.16.1. Nothing huge and great has been done, that’s a bugfix release. Nevertheless, it makes XOD better. Here is the changelog:

Features and enhancements

  • [ide] Patch crafting optimized. Performance gain is ~35%

Bug fixes

  • [core] Fix code generation for C++ nodes local to the current project: no more @ symbols in the code
  • [ide] Trigger library search when a library name is pasted from the clipboard
  • [ide] Fix regression of macOS auto-update failure introduced in 0.16.0
  • [ide] Fix patch board break when trying to drag-n-drop the patch node on itself or adjacent UI elements
  • [ide] Fix embedded code editor overflow past the window boundaries when source code is too long
  • [ide] Handle network connection problems gracefully while authorization and library publishing
  • [ide] Escape regular expression symbols while searching for a node (thanks @awgrover)
  • [ide] In the account pane, send credentials on Enter press
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