Help with solving the problem!

Help with solving the problem! I installed the XOD program on the new Mac OS. When the program opened, an error message appeared. What should I do?

Did you try manually creating that directory and giving user running XOD write access to it?

I just installed the program on a new computer. When you first open the program, this message appeared.
Я просто установил программу на новый компьютер. при первом открытии программы появилась это сообщение.

The node package manager doesn’t have permission to create a directory in that folder. I suspect because somehow it is trying to create it in the user folder and since only the user (you) and the root login have permission to access that folder, the install package cannot create the folder.

This can be fixed by making a global access folder to install it into or use a version manager for npm.

You can sudo the permissions for the folder to make it global using chmod command and try to install again.

A similar error occurred to me when I installed the program with the item “only for me”. When installing with the item “for all users of this computer” the problem disappeared. Try this option.

Unfortunately, this tip is only for Windows. I have a problem with Mac OS. On Mac OS, the program is installed automatically and I do not know what can be done.

On the "xod ide " that I downloaded(v 0.30.0)there is no “concat 3” only “concat”. Why are are the other “concat” not listed in the project browser?

The concat node is a variadic. You can adjust it to any size you need. Just grab the white block on the right side of the node & drag it to add/remove additional input pins.

Thank you very much gweimer. I have a lot to learn about xod yet as I am just starting.

Hi gweimer. I have another problem. Using the “dht2x-hygrometer” works with a DHT22, but using an “AM2302” I get a flashing screen alternating between “ERR” and a reading for both temperature and humidity. Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks in anticipation.

Sorry. I don’t have that hardware to test with. If you are using dht2x node with AM2302 hardware, there may be differences between the two that cause problems (assuming AM2302 isn’t just using a dht2x chip). Could also just be that you have it programmed or wired wrong.

I was wondering if the AM2302 has a different coding to the DHT22 but the listing for the dht2x includes the AM2302 as being compatible with the DHT22. the wiring on the AM2302 is clearly colour coded as red, black, yellow and the data sheet gives the function of each wire and I have wired it correctly. It takes 5mS to transmit a complete message so maybe the program for the DHT22 is shorter than that.
Maybe someone else can suggest an answer.
must leave it for now and will check again later. Thank You.

In that case I recommend that you load a program that you know works from Arduino IDE, some simple example. That will help to confirm that it is well connected.

If it works there, we must see what happens in XOD.

Thanks for that suggestion Cesars. I will try that and see what happens. will report back when I try that, which may be a day or two as I have matters that get higher priority.

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