Error: storage class specified for 'SPI'

Help !!! Stuck on this problem for the past 2 weeks !!!
When working with the nrf2401 radio transceiver, I’ve run into a problem with the SPI.n file.
I can transmit & receive between two microprocessors(using RF24 examples from the TRMh20 library) with arduino ide. But when attempting to use XOD ide, an error in the SPI.h file occurs…
pointing to the following line:
extern SPIClass SPI
Can someone help me understand what this problem might be ?

ok…I think I finally understand what this error message was meaning !!!

The line → extern SPIClass SPI
was indicating that the storage for SPI was “declared”…but, could not find another file that “defined” SPI.
Hence, the error msg → Error: storage class specified for SPI

The file spi.h was there in the folder called “DevSPI” which defined SPI…but XOD compiler/linkage did not see it.

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