Wind Speed Measurement

Witam wszystkich jestem nowicjuszem w programowaniu w XOD
robię przydomową stację meteo na module esp8266 firmware tasmotta mam wpięty już czujnik bme280
i chciał bym jeszcze uruchomić pomiar prędkości wiatru na czujniku halotronowym TLE4905 .
ale nie wiem jak to ugryźć czy ma ktoś gotową bibliotekę do halla i poradził by jak to ugryźć z góry dziękuję i pozdrawiam .

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie in programming in XOD
I am making a home weather station on the esp8266 firmware tasmotta module I have already connected the bme280 sensor
and I would like to run a wind speed measurement on the TLE4905 halotron sensor.
but I don’t know how to bite it if anyone has a hall library ready and advised how to bite it in advance thank you and best regards.

TLE4905 is just a digital sensor. It sees a magnet or it doesn’t. You can use the “button” node to determine when it senses the magnet. You will need to count how often the magnet is detected over a given time period to determine how quickly your wind gauge is spinning, then you will need to convert RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) to a wind speed (which will depend on your wind gauge).

If you are using something like a paddle that gets closer to horizontal as wind speed increases, then hall sensor is probably not an appropriate solution. You might be able to connect the paddle to a potentiometer and calibrate the POT reading to a wind speed.

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