When doing the delay led tutorial with a button the led and delay process will start at boot

Did I do it right? Is there a way to stop the sequence from happening at boot? And to only start when the button is pressed.

I am not sure what the turorial number is, with little data it is difficult to help


Here you have two options among many, keep in mind if the active button with low or high


I had it set up like no. 1. I tried changing the false and true values around on both the button node and the delay node and still the led will light up at boot for the delay time. I changed the configuration to no. 2 and it worked correctly with the tweak-pulse. The led did not light up at boot. How do I get it to where the button configuration works like that?

the button must be at GND, and res 10k a VCC
if you connect the button to VCC, and to GND, it will turn on at startup

button is activated with low

I tried removing the button from the breadboard and even with no button on the breadboard the led light will still come on with delay at boot up.