Led timer reverse


How to reverse led operation?

On boot it is ON, and if i press START button, it ghoes OFF for set time.

I would like to turn it ON for 3 seconds,
then OFF, and wait for START button press.

AND how to disable START button until the timer expires?

Thank you!

If LED is on at boot & turns off when you hit START button, it is probably wired incorrectly. My guess would be you have it wired between V+ and pin rather than between pin and Ground. It should be fixed in hardware, but technically, if you are only turning it on/off and not trying to dim the LED, you could put a ‘not’ node between delay-ACT and LED-LUM to fix it in software.

Probably the easiest way to disable the button while delay is active is to use a ‘gate’ node between START-PRS and delay-SET. You only want it active when delay-ACT is false, so you will want to run delay-ACT to a ‘not’ node, then to gate-EN, however, you will need a ‘delay’ node on one side of the ‘not’ node (it doesn’t matter which side) because you are creating a loop (by running a wire “up” the patch).

Thank you!

it works by routing NOT node and DEFER node back to EN on gate.

Hello, I’m glad your problem has been solved. I used the STONE TFTmonitor to do the same operation as you before. I began to encounter some problems, but my friend helped me solve my problem.

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