Output delay is high after boot


I have a problem.

i had 5 motors on a delay timer.

when i boot my arduino all the delay timers will be actief

Is there a solution?


Would you provide more details?

  • Please, attach your patch screenshot and xodball
  • Describe what you expect/want to see
  • What do you see actually? A short video will help a lot

Hey, i have the same problem, please help me how i can set set delay node.
I must set boot>>>LED not blink i pressing button>>>LED blinking 10s

change D0 to another pin, you are using it in debug

i changed to D8 nothing hepend better. boot>>> LED(in my case relay) blink without press button:(( I cant past program to post

Cesar please help me!
this only option?

The simplest thing NOT WORKING…

there will always be 0, use delay + flip-flop (pin toggle)



https://i.ibb.co/6yJbQDv/delay.jpg whay delay starts in simulation on start??

in that image I see that it uses pin 0, 0 and 1 are debug TX and RX

ps: use pull-up resistor if button no have