What is the maximum number of inputs on Arduino, and how to add more if needed?

what is the maximum number of inputs on an Arduino? , and how do you increase inputs if needed?

Number of inputs varies by model. An internet search for comparison of Arduino models can provide that info.

The easiest way to add inputs is to buy a larger Arduino. There are also expansion boards available that use I2C communication to provide additional input and/or output ports.

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thanx, had no idea there were so many Arduino boards to choose from

Do yuo have already some of Arduino board?
If not, than you have to make a choice based on stuff that you wann;t to do. By the way most tutorials, topics and instructions in web are based on Uno, Mega2560, Leonardo or Nano.

In case of input/output Mega2560 has the biggest amount of Digital I/o (54). But depend on relized project there is several method to multiply them or by extension shield or using multiplexing.

jgregorek, thanx for your reply, I now own both the Uno and the Mega boards, and am slowly learning how to work with them


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