Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express best way to expand Ports

Today I will probably get my Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express card.

I will initially do tests with only 4 potentiometers and 2 buttons and 2 PWM outputs.

But if the tests work, I want to extend this to at least:

16 analog inputs
16 Digital inputs
8 PWM Outputs

Alternatively, 24 analog inputs, 18 Digital inputs

How do I do this in the best, most flexible, cheapest way.
How do I connect the M0 card?

Guess I need to expand with chip?

I want to use XOD for everything I do, to avoid writing code, so the solution must include chips that are supported by XOD, such as multiplex, shift register or SPI communication.

The simplest cheapest solution I am looking for.

The solution may include the M4 card if it saves a chip or makes it cheaper.

But what I am looking for is high resolution on PWM output and then I have received tips on using the M0 or M4 card.

If anyone has read previous threads, I am working on a DC dimmer for my flight simulator project. This dimmer is the idea that I will draw in iKiCad and order from PCB manufacturers. That is, I can use any components, I can also buy and test if there are ready-made cards like: Adafruit 12 channels, 16-bit PWM LED drive SPI 5V, or CD74HC4067.

Analog multiplex card

Thanks in advance.

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