18 Potentiometers with 74HC595

Is it possible to use 74HC595 to connect 18 Potentiometers with xod ide.

If so.

Can someone explain how I would do that?

Best regards Jacob

No. 74HC595 is a shift register…it converts between serial and parallel for digital data. You either need an analog multiplexer or an analog expansion board as summarized here: adc - Expanding analog inputs to the Arduino - Arduino Stack Exchange

One of the replies here: https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-expand-analog-inputs-to-the-Arduino-ADC-Arduino?share=1 lists several analog to digital converter options that might apply for your case.

There are plenty of other options like Extend your analog inputs - Hackster.io, PCF8591 (i2c Analog I/O Expander) Fast Easy Usage : 9 Steps - Instructables, etc.

XOD already has hussainfawzi/max5217-16bit-dac — XOD, but that part only reads a single channel, so you need lots of them or multiplexer(s), so it might not be much of an improvement over the on-board ADC if you don’t need higher resolution.

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