Dim or shut of led/leds on ItsyBitsy M0 Express

Hi all!

I am a little irritated of the rgb indicator light on the ItsyBitsy M0 Expres.

Is Ther a way to dim or turn it of?

Ther is also a read led that is no problem. Think it is conected to D13. So I can control that.

The led is stedy purple. This indicates a “ValueError”. Why?

Thank in advance!

Found something, will test to night:


This is the minimum code I could ad to get them to turn of:

Is it possibe to add code to XOD?

Or can I do this with some kind of node?

Or is it something missing in the integration of ItsyBitsy M0 Express?

It would be nice if I could use the rgb led to indicate something in a project?

#include <Adafruit_DotStar.h>

Adafruit_DotStar dot = Adafruit_DotStar(1, 41, 40, DOTSTAR_BGR);

void setup() {


void loop() {


Info here: User Guide — XOD
Specifically this link from there: Wrapping Class-based Arduino Libraries — XOD

I have tried to read threw it but is way to advanced for me.

I have just learnd how to make the betwen node. :see_no_evil:

Yeah…I had the same problem… :frowning: The one project I was working on I apparently blew out the hardware, so I haven’t had much motivation to get back to it…

What project was it?

Serial controlled servos that could be used as positional or full-rotation and report back their position and force being applied. They would be awesome for robotics projects. Also thought about tearing the servo apart to use it for controlling sliders for volume or dimmer control. Spent way too much money on parts to play with, then life happened and my priorities changed. The servo-supplied software doesn’t even work for controlling them now; I don’t know if it is because of new OS or I burned out the communication board trying to by-pass the USB connector to control from Arduino…

Yeah I am realy squeezing things in. 3 kids, House and work. I have built a flightsimulator for 15 years.

But I realy feel I am geting close to a solution right now.

Thanks to all guys here. The software part was the part I realy could not do.

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