What is the best example for UART/Serial guide article?


Hello everyone!

I’m thinking about writing down a bunch of guide/recipe articles and showing UART (aka serial) communication should be one of them. However, while planning the article structure I can’t come up with a “right” example for UART. The right example should use some ubiquitous hardware, serve a clear and useful purpose, do not involve other complex topics other than UART communication.

I remember such tutorial was requested several times on the forum. So I’m asking for an advice: what should I choose for the underlying example?

Few ideas that came into my mind which have some flaws:

  • (a) Send text from PC and it is shown on LCD (b) Press one of the keys on a device, see the input coming on COM-port (It’s very basic and maybe even usable, but what should we use for the serial monitor PuTTY/picocom)?
  • Show how to interact with ESP8266 in AT-modem modem (too complex and who cares?)
  • Show how to connect two Arduinos so that they can talk to each other (quite basic, maybe usable, but who cares?)


I use “hterm” but “PuTTY” is popular and widely used.
It should be no problem to adapt the settings to other terminal programs for experienced users.
For absolute beginners PuTTy is free :star_struck: available from www.putty.org


Maybe communication with a phone (over bluetooth) ?
with a simple MIT App inventor app or use a serial monitor app over bluetooth. (maybe this could be used to talk to arduino while in debug mode)


OK, here what’s I settled on. Let’s describe a two Arduino setup. The first one has two pots and a button connected. The second one has three LEDs. The Arduinos are connected with wires via UART and the first one sends sensors’ data to control LEDs on the second one.

Technically, such article shows how to send, receive, and parse data. The boards can be monitored/controlled alone with a serial terminal on PC.

If we’d mention that Bluetooth modules have a SPP mode in which they look like a plain serial, an upgrade for a phone-controlled device should be quite easy.