[review required] UART communication guide


Tireless @gabbapeople is about to merge the long-promised guide article about using UART. Here is the draft: https://github.com/xodio/xod-docs/pull/76

We’d like to make the process of XOD development (and article writing) more open, so I’m asking for help with reviewing the article. Please, use GitHub review facilities to help make the article perfect. Feel free to add comments there for improving:

  • The meaning. Do you see some confusing places? Should we elaborate on some points?
  • Grammar, typography, punctuation. We are not native speakers. We try to do the best but fail sometimes.
  • Style. Can we rephrase some places to be more precise and simpler to read?

Feel free to point out the mistakes without hello’s and excuses: PR review is a formal process, nobody will be hurt. Thank you for any help in advance.