Website ( translation proposal. Language: Polish

Hey. I would like to offer my help in the website internationlistion. I could translate into my native languge - polish

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There is a “Translate the docs” section on this page: Contributing to XOD — XOD

The case is that the section you gave is not exact enough. The site and docs are based on separate files and I’m not sure if I translate them then if by the pull request they won’t overwrite the orginal ones.

That why the instruction need precising to make the trabslation work easier

Hi @mcgiwer,

Great to hear that you can help with the translation of the docs. When you browse through the xod-docs repository you will see that there is a directory for each article. For example, the following directory contains the first tutorial:
In this directory, is the original (English) version of the article. There is also a file called, which is the Russian translation. Your translation of the article would go into a file called

Hope this helps.

@wayland I understood this part. But what if there is more then one file to translate in a folder ? This is not explained

OK, I see the issue now. For the contributing, guide and reference articles there is a single markdown file ( to be translated.

However, for the tutorial articles there are two markdown files: and The tutorial files are autogenerated from the welcome-to-xod project using generate-tutorial-docs.js. I think the file is manually created for the Fritzing scheme, but I may be wrong. I agree that for the tutorials there doesn’t seem to be guidance on how to do the translations.

As you are probably aware, XOD is in a state of flux (see That’s all. XOD is looking for for a new owner), so it may take some time to get instructions on how to translate the tutorials. Also, I’m not sure how long it will take for your translated articles to go live. If despite these uncertainties you would still like to contribute, you could start by translating the guide and reference articles.