Spanish Translation

Hi, I’m Franco. I’m new here and interested in contributing on translating documentation.
Haven’t really found much on the topic of how to do it so I’d like to know how I can get started.


Hi Franco. I would like to collaborate with your project.


@franco-scev @eqs-aruy hello and welcome!
Here is the repository with the documentation: GitHub - xodio/xod-docs: XOD Documentation
And here is the information on how you can contribute to it: xod-docs/ at master · xodio/xod-docs · GitHub
Thanks for the interest.
Looking forward for your pull requests :wink:


@brusher. Thanks you for help me!

@brusher I have some issues with “Markdown”. I can’t format some paragraphs or titles correctly.
I keep translating, then we give it Forms.
@Franco-scev verify that my English is correct, please.
Thank you.

@brusher @eqs-aruy
Ok posting this here for reference.
I’m already translating the text, feel free to check it out here.
Let’s do the work there and I’ll take care of revising before sending it over.

Estoy traduciendo el texto en mi repositorio. Podemos trabajarlo ahí, yo me encargo de revisar antes de enviarlo.

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Gracias Franco.
Puedes pasar de inglés a español?

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