Watchdog with XOD

hello guys im new here and i need your help. Has any of you tried to use watchdog with XOD? IF yes how it works ?

hi, try library de @bradzilla84

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thank you i will try )

How its use for NodeMCU? thx gays)

Hi cesars how can i use the wathdog.with XOD. I mean how and with what can i conect it.
thanks a lot

hi, in library bradzilla84/sleepydog the two nodes have the watchdog implementation, start them with the INIT pin.

Thanks you cesars for your reply. Because I am not familiar with the programming I will be gratfull if you can send me a simple XOD strougtule with a watchdog inside to see how this node link with the athers. Thanks a lot

Here are some examples

watchdog node


sleep node


sleep and wake up by change of state on pin 2

I thing I understand know… I use the first one for reset.
I conect the INT with a node to prevent pulses a timer for example and if the controller stucks the watchdog do the job and reset . right?

It is correct, if it does not receive a pulse that could be used continuous-pausable if a false one arrives, the micro resets after 4 seconds or the established time

Thanks you cesars
best regards

To clarify something else, the pulse can not only be internal, it can also be the signal from an external sensor.

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