Upload failed through IDE


I can’t upload the blink sketch. The IDE send an error message : Arduino can just open its own file or .ino and .pde sketch. so the .cpp temp file is not upload (though XOD says that it has been upload sucessfully).

Did I miss something?


Hello and thanks for the report.

Obviously, we have a bug leading to false positives on upload. I think it’s the same problem mentioned in Have you got problems with installing XOD IDE and blinking LED?

We’ll investigate the problem today.

As a temporary workaround you can copy/paste generated code manually: XOD → Deploy → Show code for Arduino, Arduino IDE → paste → upload.

Hello Victor,

As I have mentioned in my Forum post, even the copy/paste of the generated code did not work in my case.

I am attaching the error message sequence that was generated by the Arduino IDE compile cycle. Hope it helps resolving the problem.

Brgds, Turgut

Hello @tguneysu

Thank you a lot for trying to help. But I can’t open your attachment, it looks like an empty PNG to me. Could you dump the log to https://pastebin.com/ or https://gist.github.com/ please?

Hi Victor,

My bad!

Please rename the attachment as extension TXT.
It is a plain Text file.

ALSO here: https://gist.github.com/tguneysu/009f8fa50aec7fd0272ba2f640a7564a

Brgds, Turgut

Thank you.

Looking at the log it looks like either #include <inttypes.h> isn’t included in the sketch and so size_t type isn’t available, or some “bad symbols” has appeared in the generated source file.

That’s strange. I’ll try to replay the behavior.