Uדןמע Variables

First of all I am sorry about my bad English

I am a retired PLC programmer.
Now I spend a lot of time to make things with Arduino. Usuly with Arduino IDE.

As a PLC programmer I have used graphical languages (Ladder, FBD, SFC),
So I am very happy to hear about XOD.

I have looked at videos and tutorials and I like it very much.

But I did not find :

  1. How to define and use variables?
  2. How to : A = A + B ?
  3. How to : if x=true then A = A + B ?
  4. How to alter Variables on different places in the program.

I think that I am missing something important.

Please help

hi, I understand little about PLC, but maybe this will help


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XOD paradigm is a little different. You don’t have “variables” that can be stored/modified. You have “wires” that can pass data. The closest thing to a variable is a node like buffer; you can feed in any value, but output will only update when UPD pin is pulsed.

As shown in previous response, you can calculate values, but you don’t generally “store” that value in a variable, you just “wire” it to where it is used.

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