TVout sync to external composite signal

Hi, I have been playing with the TVout XOD library by @Wayland and have been finding it really easy to create the monochrome OSD of my dreams!

Now I’d like to take the project further and use an LM1881 to sync the Arduino video signal to an external composite video signal as I have seen in a few other projects and I’m wondering how realistic it would be to create a node for the TV out library that could support syncing from an LM1881

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Great to hear that you have found the tvout library useful. How are you planning to use the LM1881? I see that there is an Arduino Video Experimenter shield incorporating the LM1881. The Video Experimenter shield is supported by an enhanced version of the Arduino TVout library. This enhanced TVout Arduino library is class based and so could potentially be wrapped into a XOD library.

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